Rim Yurkus, Founder

Rim Yurkus earned his B.A. from the University of Illinois, Circle Campus. He completed graduate studies in statistics for Behavioral Sciences and Communications, and began his career in marketing research.

In 1988, Rim co-founded Strategic Programs, the first research firm to provide computerized 360 assessments for individuals and organizations. In the mid-1990s, he partnered with three clients to research and design a process for capturing employee exit data in sufficient quantities that researchers could drill down to sub-populations, and the results would remain statistically significant for making reliable business decisions. He also pioneered the development of a methodology to guarantee employee retention results by using a shared risk model. This state of the art consultative model for reducing turnover has been proven successful in transportation, and being marketed to healthcare by Clinical Retention Solutions, LLC, a Strategic Programs partner.

Rim oversees Strategic Programs consulting, develops data-driven solutions, and provides executive coaching. He is a frequent presenter at national conferences on leadership development and talent management, and is a nationally recognized authority on employee retention and managing turnover.