Rounding With A Purpose

The process of rounding makes a big difference in your relationship with staff. While one-on-one contact is critical to good leadership, rounding with a purpose is even more helpful in making and building the kind of relationship your staff needs … Continued

The Value of a New Hire Check-in

Our 20+ years of designing and implementing human resource assessments indicates that although a supervisor relationship isn’t the number one reason an employee leaves, the employee-supervisor relationship during the onboarding process is critical to the New Hire’s engagement and success. … Continued

Recognizing Early Adapters

Age, income, and ambition are not deciding factors in becoming an early adapter.  Instead, it is a composite of attitude, perspective, and values.  Change relies on agility, the feature that separates those who can quickly detect and respond to changing … Continued

R2R Leadership Tools

Tool #1 – Build an effective work force: Hire good people – This sounds simple and yet most managers find it incredibly difficult.  Get personally involved in the process.  Ensure that the job descriptions used by human resources to advertise … Continued